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Past Productions

A Special Event: Armando and the Blue Tarp School  

The Park Dale Players' production of Armando and the Blue Tarp School took place in March of 2010. Based on the California Young Readers Award finalist children's book by Encinitas authors Edith Fine and Judith Josephson, this musical by playwright and lyricist Pat Lydersen and composer Wendy Woolf brings to life the work of teacher and humanitarian David Lynch who 30 years ago placed a blue tarp on the garbage dump in Tijuana and began to educate the children who lived and worked there.

Our production of Armando not only received standing ovations to sold-out houses throughout its run, but also played to over 1500 school children who came on field trips to see the show. The Park Dale Players donated all the proceeds (over $8000!) from this production to David Lynch's wonderful organization, Responsibility, which continues to build schools and give hope to the forgotten children living near the dumps throughout Mexico and Central America.

One of our most successful and exciting productions to date, here is just a sampling of the emails we received after the show:

"Best money we've ever spent!"
"Amazing dance moves and stage presence!"
"I could see this on Broadway!"
"The fire scene was incredible!"
"We're so glad we went!"
"Bravo, bravo, bravo to all involved!"
"The play and music were able to tickle our funny bones while weaving the bitter-sweet true story of the families living in sad and difficult conditions."
"The entire production was touching from the moving story line, the darling actors, the imaginative costumes, to the really hip music."
"The whole musical was an ice cream sundae, with bittersweet sauce, sprinkles and a cherry on top! Delicious! (I want seconds!)."

David Lynch himself, who spoke to the audiences after every show, said Armando and the Blue Tarp School should head to Broadway and that it was "the best musical I ever saw!" (a ringing endorsement if we ever heard one!) For more information about Responsibility or the book our play is based on, go to www.responsibilityonline.org and www.bluetarpschool.com.

Past Productions (Youth Program):
Except where otherwise noted, all of the following works are: Script and Lyrics by Pat Lydersen, Music by Wendy Woolf.

The A+ History Project
A group of students go back in time to ace their history assignment only to find that things weren't so easy back then!

Animal Tails
Rabbit, Bear and Groundhog have no tails. Possum's tail is bare and ugly. They all want a nice new tail but there's only one in the store! Who gets it?

Bratty Brother in Outer Space
Have you ever wanted your bratty little brother to just disappear? Alice thought she did- until he was beamed into outer space to become part of a young alien's science project.

The Comic Book Artist
Hapless little Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz, armed with only a pen in his hand, faces the evil Dr. Shock Clock and his sly henchmen, the Minutos.

Dancing, What's That All About (Script by Pat Lydersen)
An absent-minded professor gives a lecture on the origins of rock and roll (among other things!).

Don't Call Him Percy!
This musical comedy is about Percy's quest to become a great Grecian hero by slaying the not-too-horrible gorgon Medusa!

Dragonflies Don't Sting!
An alligator, a slug and a young girl enter the Misty Middle and face a man-eating plant, the Mosquito Bombitos, and the Dragonlady's ferocious dragonflies.

The Fearsome Pirate Frank
Fearsome Frank shanghais an acting troupe and takes them on the high seas, where they meet a zombie captain, a sad old albatross, and some mermaids who really know how to pick the right lip gloss.

The Halloween Extravaganza
A wacky mix of spooky tales, screams, and wails-- brought to you by the one and only WAIL-TV!

It Happened in the Hood!
Mr. Fine, the kindly landlord who hasn't raised the rent in fifty years, is in money trouble and doesn't know what to do. His old neighborhood is about to be torn down and turned into a parking lot!

King Artie and the Knights of the Rad Table
Artie and Gwen travel back in time with Merlin to meet a rather unusual mix of knights, dragons, and damsels-in-distress.

Mickey Malone and the Medallion of Maldu
Mickey and his friend Isabelle team up with a bumbling wizard, an elf, and a very tall dwarf to battle the evil Zoron and win the Medallion of Maldu.

Monsters in the Closet
A group of lovable monsters are cast by a pompous director to represent the worries and fears all kids face while growing up!

Perseus, the Movie
The director fired his actors, got a new script, a new star, and bravely went where no man had gone before-- into the wacky world of Greek mythology.

Pumpkin Giant
One little boy defeats the mighty Pumpkin Giant and creates the first jack'o'lanterns.

Saving Knobby Knoll
Rabbit, Turtle, and Frog team up with a squeaky little Cog and a Nerdy Cat to face the powerful Authorities and save their home in Knobby Knoll.

Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, Edgar Allan Poe and other old school poets join a Slam team to go head to head with some modern day kids!

Everyone wants a superpower . This is a play about ordinary kids who get to have one!

Team Zombie
An irate young zombie, revolting against the wild popularity vampires have received lately, tries to get a little respect and love for "Team Zombie".

There's a Monster in this Box!
This poor monster would rather pick flowers and chase butterflies than go to the School of Scare to learn how to become a "proper" monster.

This Old Guy Aesop
An English teacher distributes a dusty old book to her students, who find that maybe this strange old guy dressed in a toga may have a thing or two to say to them!

The Truth About Mount Olympus!
The Greek Gods appear on a tell-all talk show, and hosts Sara and Sidney find out the truth about their lives on Mount Olympus!

Video Victim (Script & Lyrics by Pat Lydersen, Music by Sally Dean)
Danny and his dog get sucked into his video game computer to meet Big Mama Chip, the boss of it all.

Wildcat Willy in the Wild, Wild West
A mild mannered accountant follows his dream and hops a train to the wild, wild west-- where he encounters ruthless train robbers, daring desperados, and even a few hungry old buzzards!